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The Businessman & The Prime Minister’s Seat

Basit Igtet and the magical mystery campaign

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Hijacking Libya: A Tale of Two Ideologues

Libya’s revolution has, indeed, been hijacked –not by Taliban-styled Salafi radicals, or the tentacles of insidious Western imperialism, but by ideologues eager to project pre-packaged hypotheses (be it democratization towards the utopia of secular modernity or entrenchment in global neo-liberalism with conservative fascism proves the rule of the day). The July 7th elections appeared to break the wave of more »

Recommendations for peace and reconciliation in post-conflict Libya

DR. Omar Ahmed Reda is Assistant professor of Psychiatry in Oregon Health & Sciences University. He graduated from Benghazi medical school in 1998 and finished his MD degree from University of Tennessee in 2009, shortly thereafter obtaining his Masters in global mental health from Harvard University. He is a Psychological trauma expert, and the founder more »

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10 Things the Prime Minister Can Fix Right Now

Today, Libyans await the General National Congress to approve Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s proposed cabinet and take the reins from a temporary government that has failed on an overall scale to provide the most basic necessities that Libyans need to begin the rebuilding stage of their country.  Over a year has passed since the country’s more »

ما بعد ليبيا للإتصالات والتقنية : وضع الإنترنت في ليبيا

[ENGLISH] في الوقت الذي يُعيد فيه شعب ليبيا بناء مجتمعهم وبنيته التحتية وإقتصاده بعد المعارك في 2011 التي أدت إلى في آخر المطاف إلى الإطاحة بنظام القذافي، فإنهم يواصلون سعيهم للحصول على إتصال بالإنترنت مستقر وعال السرعة. الدخول إلى الشبكة هو أساسي للإتصال في بلد حر لكل من الإتصالات الفردية والتجارية. و وفقاً لمركز بروتوكل more »