14 Things That Would Disqualify You From Running For Office

Courtesy of Human Rights Watch, here are 14 categories that would prohibit condidates from running for public office:

  • Members or commanders of the Revolutionary Guards;
  • Members of the Revolutionary Committees;
  • Student association directors after 1976;
  • Those who were “known for glorifying the regime of Muammar Gaddafi or his call for the ideas of the Green Book [Gaddafi’s political philosophy], whether through various media or public speeches;”
  • Those who “stood against the February 17 Revolution” by means of incitement, aid, or collusion;
  • Those who were convicted of corruption or stealing public funds;
  • Those who participated in any capacity in the imprisonment and torture of Libyans during the rule of the former regime;
  • Those who committed or participated in hostile acts against Libyans in the opposition, whether abroad or in Libya;
  • Those who seized private property or participated in seizing property during the previous regime;
  • Those who were involved in stealing public funds or enriched themselves on behalf of the Libyan population, or who accumulated wealth in Libya or abroad in an illegal manner;
  • Those who had commercial dealings with the sons of Muammar Gaddafi or his close associates;
  • Those who formerly held positions of leadership that directly related to the sons of Muammar Gaddafi, and their institutions;
  • Recipients of awards or money from the former regime by illegal means;
  • Those who obtained an academic degree on a subject related to the Gaddafi’s Green Book or Third Universal Theory.
These are some pretty vague regulations that are probably very difficult to verify. HRW is worried and perhaps rightly so — the concern is that bringing up issues like these is conducive to a hostile elections atmosphere and perfect fodder for aggressive candidates who aren’t afraid to sling some mud.
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