UN Voices Concern Over Detainee Deaths

The United Nations Mission in Libya says the Zaroug Detention Centre in Misrata is responsible for the death of ten detainees. The detention center faces allegations of torture and ill-treatment. From the UN News Centre:

The mission also voiced concern over the reported existence of some secret detention facilities run by the “brigades” and where detainees are at risk of torture.

It urged the Libyan Government to take immediate and concrete measures to address the situation, including conducting thorough investigations and bringing those responsible to justice. An effective internal inspection mechanism covering all places where people are deprived of their liberty should be established, the mission added.

UNSMIL welcomed a statement by the Supreme Security Committee of Misrata condemning the abuses and voicing support for investigations that will be followed by appropriate legal action, and it recognized the difficulties the Libyan Government faces in transferring responsibility for detainees to the proper State authorities.


Last January, Libyan Prime Minister Abdulrahim Al Keib met with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to discuss the status of detainees extrajudicially imprisoned and prevented from receiving urgent medical care.

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