Humans of Libya (Facebook page)

“Humans of Tripoli” Aims the Lens at Libyans on the Street

Recently, it has become difficult to find images of Libya that don’t immediately evoke the memory of the brutal revolution. “Humans of Tripoli” — created in the same vein as the prolific  “Humans of New York” brand — turns the lens on ordinary Libyans in the trenches of everyday life. Although state-building has been an often messy, and violent, project, life in the streets of Libya carries on and something resembling a civil society has emerged.  The photos of Humans of Tripoli depict these realities.

Although the page is not yet a week ago, the admins have already encountered questions of representation. There are no women in any of the photos. The omission, however, is likely not an intentional one, as one commenter reasonably pointed out. Libyan women may be wary of a stranger’s camera, especially if that stranger is a man who intends to post their photo up on Facebook.

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