Video: Novelist Ibrahim Al-Koni in Discussion with Syrian Poet Adonis

“It was in fact a spontaneous revolution by unarmed people, marching in protest and seeking their rights.”

Omar Kikli’s “Prison Sketches”

The following is an excerpt from Libyan writer Omar al-Kikli’s Prison Sketches (2012), translated from the Arabic by Sebastian Anstis. Read more at Jadaliyya. The Tea Theory of Relativity For us, tea was a matter of utmost importance; it was the only pleasure we had. It was so important that one of us, arguing with more »

Genres of the “Arab Spring”: Narrating Revolutions


What challenges will Libyan writers face as they sit down to pen a revolution that has yet to end?

Khaled Mattawa’s “Fifty April Years”

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Libyan-American writer Khaled Mattawa pens a poem on the student executions of the Gaddafi years.