Beyond LTT: The State of Libya’s Internet

Libya needs another licensed Internet provider to compete with LTT in providing Internet services to the country.

Residents and Dissidents: Reflections on Libya from an Outsider

I have never wanted to write publicly on Libya. Part of this has to do with the fact that, as you might pick up from my name, I’m not Libyan.  I have a deep ethical distaste for the rise of Westerners (I highlight Westerners here because I have yet to see others doing the same) more »

Photo credit: Foreign & Commonwealth Office / Creative Commons

Five Goals for the NTC

How the embattled administration could save its legacy before it’s too late.

NTC’s New Censorship Laws Will Create Chilling Effect

Law 37 will not only criminalize ‘glorification of the former reagime’, but any insult to the state.


Genres of the “Arab Spring”: Narrating Revolutions

What challenges will Libyan writers face as they sit down to pen a revolution that has yet to end?