Omar Kikli’s “Prison Sketches”

The following is an excerpt from Libyan writer Omar al-Kikli’s Prison Sketches (2012), translated from the Arabic by Sebastian Anstis. Read more at Jadaliyya. The Tea Theory of Relativity For us, tea was a matter of utmost importance; it was the only pleasure we had. It was so important that one of us, arguing with more »

Libya’s missed opportunity: Hisham Matar

Last week Libyan author Hisham Matar met with 702 Mornings host Linda Mottram at the Sydney Writers’ Festival for a live broadcast interview, discussing such topics as exile, the shifting roles of the writer, and the potential for another “Libyan Novel”. On the responsibility to write: ❝ There is a distinction between the citizen and the artist that I have always felt. When I sit and more »